My journey into the captivating world of graphic design had its humble beginnings at the age of 13, ignited by the awe-inspiring spectacle of "The Lord of the Rings" production. In the "behind the scenes" I watched the talented scenic artists craft the enchanting studio sets left an indelible mark on my young imagination. Yet, my origins lay in a working-class family in an area of Queensland with limited exposure to the creative industry and devoid of mentorship.
Determined to forge a path into this artistic realm, I dedicated my high school years to amassing a remarkable portfolio of paintings and drawings, setting my sights on admission to an esteemed art school upon graduation. University became my next canvas, where I delved into a major in Art & Design History, complemented by a minor in Visual Arts Practice. During this time, I eagerly lent my skills to student films, diligently constructing sets for projects that lacked proper instruction in Production Design. However, it was during my final year that I briefly explored the world of tattoo artistry, an enjoyable diversion that couldn't quell my enduring passion for the art department.
Fortuitously, a friend introduced me to the Master of Production Design program at VCA in Melbourne, and it instantly felt like the path I had longed for from the outset. Armed with an extensive portfolio and a compelling selection criteria, I successfully secured a spot in the program, prompting a transformative move to Melbourne. Over the course of two intense and exhilarating years, I discovered that learning could be an exhilarating adventure. During this period, I seized invaluable opportunities, completing internships on two feature films: "Upgrade" and "Winchester." These experiences not only honed my craft but also connected me with individuals who propelled me into the extraordinary world of the Art Department.
Today, I stand proudly as a graphic designer, having realized my dream career, all thanks to the unwavering passion that ignited within me during those formative years and the serendipitous discovery of my true calling.
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